Six Sensory Training

You have extra sensory perception, fondly known as ESP, your sixth sense.


What is your Sixth sense?
It is our ability to perceive the subtle-dimension or the unseen world of angels, and guides. It also includes our ability to understand the subtle cause and effect relationship behind many events, which is beyond the understanding of the intellect.

Why develop your Sixth Sense?
To ensure success in your life, and reach you’re fullest potential.  Get the tools you need to succeed in life, all at your own pace!  My personal soul assignment is to help people balance lives and heal the planet… I will see you on your path. – Sonia

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Six Sensory Living is an online program designed for anyone who wants to ensure success in their lives and reach their highest potential through highly developed intuitive skills.  In-depth guidance to lead you to a more successful and fulfilled personal and professional life, including, practical training, professional support, and ethical guidelines to enhance your overall well-being.  Six Sensory Living is designed for, but not limited to, anyone desiring to build or enhance their practice in the field of:

  • Healing, Energy, and Soul Supporting Arts
  • Psychology
  • Teaching
  • Counselling
  • Business Advising

What you will receive:
Over 70 lessons (25+ hours) web HD Quality
Three never before released meditations
Six mp3 songs
32-page workbook
And The Bonus…

YES!  Once enrolled you’ll have direct access to Sonia via the course. She will personally email you a response to one of your most personal questions!!

This product is yours for life!

Customer Reviews
Feeling in class with Sonia, getting her experience and quality tools and do it at the most convenient time for me, is more than a gift. The exercises ans reflexion guidance are excellent and over and above, Sonia’s way to teach is warm, generous and powerful. I do recommend the six sensory training to all human that want to better understand their life.
Reviewed by:  Nathalie Chartier from Québec , Canada. on 1/28/2016

I am loving Sonia’s Six Sensory Online training Course! I am only about halfway through and it is already more than I’d hoped for. As well as her very inspiring messages and stories, I’ve also appreciated her nuts and bolts guidance which is helping me to figure out where I want to go and teaching me how to get there safely and effectively.
Reviewed by:  Juliet from Portland, OR. on 1/17/2016

I love that this course was made available online at a more affordable price point. For value and for thoroughness you cannot go wrong with this course. I also love that I can take my time and repeat things I might have missed and that the course is complete for all Levels. THANK YOU SONIA for sharing your gifts. This is indeed an in-depth online course. Reviewed by:  Carol-lee Zuvich from Oregon. on 8/16/2015