Creating Your Heart’s Desire

Ever wonder what your heart desires and longs for? Curious what your heart wants to tell you about your life?  Asking your heart what it wants can reveal desires, dreams, insights and inspiration beyond those you may be consciously aware of, and ones that will always most benefit your life and others.

New Women Magazine voted Hearts Desire… One of the Top 10 workshops to change your life.


How do you create your heart’s desire?

Taking the next step to make it possible for everyone who is interested to learn how to create the life they really want. Step by step Sonia will walk you through how to create this way of life.

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In this course, you will be introduced to the 9 principles of creativity; one at a time. Each principle is broken down into 3 weekly mini-steps toward implementing that principle for 10 weeks. In this way, Sonia keeps you on track so you don’t miss a step. The best part is that your work together is fun, and before you know it, you are succeeding.

What you will learn:

  • Immediately identify your most authentic heart’s desire.
  • Eliminate your obstacles.
  • Make choices that accelerate your success.
  • Tap into your power of attraction.
  • Relax as you create, knowing you will succeed.
  • Eliminate second guessing and wasting your time.

Customer Reviews
New Women Magazine
The great thing about this course is that no matter where you live, you can work this course and you can do so on your own schedule, at your own pace and in a way that is affordable to you.

Whether you are seeking money, a new job, a relationship, or just want to get out of the muck and into the fresh air, working with me will give you the opportunity to attract it.

“In following Sonia’s heart’s desire mentoring we have manifested our marriage, our highly successful business and our family. Sonia took us right to it”. Kim and Scott Holstein – Kim and Scott Pretzels

“The Hearts Desire principles as mentored by Sonia will succeed for you, she knows what she is doing and with her help you will get what you want.” Verinder S. – CEO and Member of the Millionaire Club

“With Sonia’s mentoring of the heart’s Desire I quickly manifested a beautiful life partner when everyone said it was not possible. It was so fast and perfect I was shocked”. Jeanine M.

I have completed my first week of the course and I am really connecting with the lessons, activities, videos, and just exploring more about my higher self. The materials are presented in a way that will keep your attention and encourage you to continue. It is like you’re sitting in a room just having a discussion with Sonia. I am glad that I was ready and these lessons came into my presence. Of all the things I’ve studied, I never knew about this. I look forward taking to a workshop in the future! Reviewed by:  Lisa from Irvine, CA. on 2/3/2016

This course is has been brilliant so far. I’ve just started and I am looking forward to learning more as I go. I am up to listening to your heart and that has been a real eye opener for me. Who would have thought that my heart desires to swim with dolphins! I certainly wouldn’t have thought of that! I like the way that the course has been broken down into sections and you can choose different formats to do the course in. I also got a free mini email reading from signing up to the course and considering how little Sonia knows about me the accuracy of the email reading just blew me away! Reviewed by:  Wendy from Staffordshire. on 1/24/2016

Sonia offers a clear and practical step by step guide to manifesting your heart’s desire. Delivered in very well presented bite size chunks. The course has been eye opening for two reasons. Firstly, the sheer volume of content – real value – and secondly the seemingly almost perfectly tailored home page. As someone with a big imagination- more interaction – as decisions are made along the journey, would be wonderful. That said- I am finding the ‘believing eyes’!! Happy to recommend a 5 star. Reviewed by:  Daniel Sieff from London. on 1/24/2016

I want to say that this course is VERY well articulated and super easy to understand. It is designed to help anyone , no matter where they are in manifesting their dreams, goals, and life, to target exactly what it is they want and to get it. Sonia is filled with such great energy and love that the way she teaches this course makes you really feel great while you are doing it. I highly recommend this course. Actually, I recommend ALL of Sonia’s books and courses. She is really, truly, a light worker and is really an angel in disguise. 🙂 Thank you Sonia for such great courses! Reviewed by:  Tiffani Hume from San Diego, California. on 1/24/2016

Sonia impresses upon us the power of manifesting what we focus on. So it makes perfect sense to attend to what we want, what creates happiness, health and prosperity in our lives. She provides easy to do exercises and I found the pacing of the lessons to be perfect for me. Thank you once again Sonia for a wonderful book Reviewed by:  Jocelyne Chernets from Chatham Ontario Canada. on 1/22/2016