About Us

We believe that teaching people self-improvement methods to achieve their desires, and live a more balanced, fulfilling life, by providing hot content that drives change globally, we will create a better world for all to experience.

Expanding Mindz is a name that reflects analytical powers and a quest for knowledge and information, a search for truth and wisdom through unconventional and innovative products.

We are ambitiously determined to drive humanity forward, through Expanding Mindz, with powerful educational techniques and experiences to unlock individual human potential, thereby addressing the gaps in our current education systems globally.

A Word From The Authors Desk


Namaste Beautiful Souls!

My life has not always been this remarkable… My journey of self-discovery, and all the many trials and tribulations of human existence, have enriched me and brought me closer to knowing my “true self”.  I now find myself in a position where I can use what I have experienced, my natural gifts and talents to help others in need of understanding and implementing a new way of living.  As founder of Expanding Mindz, it is my intention to help humanity and our planet heal by providing educational systems and practices to enable this process to take place.  With this note, I welcome every soul in their quest to “consciously evolve”, and join me on this ever growing journey to fulfillment, gaining more happiness, peace and love. It is our aim to deliver seekers the answers, growth and expansion of consciousness to enable a more balanced life. Each and every one of you, like myself, is a beautiful exquisite being of love and light, and the time is now for you to realize this, and take your place in the greater scheme of life.

“For, the soul seeks growth; as Truth, as Life, as Light, IS in itself. God IS, and so is life, light, truth, hope, love. And those that abide in same, grow. Those that abide in the shadow of the night, or the conditions that become or make for the fruits of these, do not grow.” – Edgar Cayce

Belinda Snyman
Author, Alchemist &
Architect for Humanity