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“Turn Your Life On” 12 Secrets to Regaining Your Personal Power

Came about because I had a burning desire to inspire others to seek their truth, and reach their full potential by reading through the lessons I have uncovered in My Life.  Each secret is basically understanding, accepting, letting go and healing through forgiveness of one’s self and others, of the wounded ego, and realizing that we are so much more than the diminished self-image we create for ourselves and exist as.  All our hurts, aches, pains, beliefs and choices are exposed and the raw, natural beauty of the self is discovered through this process.

BookCoverPreviewRegaining my personal power through the 12 secrets helped me to understand and overcome my own ego, finally realizing my own divinity.

It was Buddha who said, “A man who conquers himself is greater than one who conquers a thousand men in battle.”  I’m in awe as I look back on my life, and if someone had given me a glimpse into a crystal ball just 5 years ago and said to me, “Look at your life 5 years from now”, I wouldn’t have believed it nor understood how it could ever be possible, because I felt it was way beyond my reach or ability at the time. Only some insanely massive miracle could enable living that kind of life.

My life wasn’t always like it is today, in fact, not too long ago, I was at the opposite end of the scale.  My story is one of addiction related behavior, filled with emotional pain and self-inflicted mental abuse, my ignorance was the perfect roadmap for self-destruction.  I lost myself and my mind along the way, finally hitting…

My Rock Bottom.

I was diagnosed clinically depressed and suicidal, admitted to Clinic for observation and healing.  During this period I honestly felt that regardless of what I did; there was no way out which just fueled my anger – but there was, I just didn’t know it yet, and what I discovered was life transforming.  From this seeming horrible place of heartache, I slowly learnt what was really necessary to free myself of all the negativity, external and internal, and start claiming my self-love and worth. It wasn’t easy, but my commitment to myself and to God helped to achieve a state of joy and bliss that I never knew was possible.

I discovered that all the misery I had been through, the stress and pain was actually a blessing and ultimately a gift from God.  From there, I started turning my destructive choices around in a really amazing way.  I came to an understanding that regardless of what is in your life or where you find yourself, you can turn things around by making informed choices that have a positive impact on your life.

By choosing sobriety, my life has taken a 360 degree turn. I have regained control of my thoughts, words and deeds, my connection to my spiritual self has expanded exponentially as a direct result of constantly learning and growing, knowing that God has a purpose and plan for my life.  Today and everyday I wake up in gratitude for the transformation I was led towards because I was willing to open up to a new way of being.

Because of this, I am inspired and committed to reaching and teaching as many people as possible how to master themselves from the inside out and have that show up in their lives as increased creativity, peace of mind, physical energy, health, mental clarity, and loving relationships, by sharing the secrets I uncovered through my journey.

An excerpt from “How To Turn Your Life On”….

“Through the trials and tribulations of my own existence and experiences, that have led me to the knowing of my self, I have had to reflect on many uncomfortable “truths” about who “I AM” and the choices that have led me to the discovery of my own divine true nature.  I am aware that every single experience in my life has come to fruition based on all the “choices” I have made.  “I AM” solely responsible for absolutely everything that has happened in my life and will continue to take effect in my life going forward.  We are all given free will choice; to you I say, choose wisely as you are solely responsible for what shows up in your life, simply evaluate your results.”

For me, owning my “crap” so to speak meant having to look at my results, and deciding to make the necessary changes to effect the results I really desired.  Forgiveness of myself played a big role in moving forward, because forgiveness is for giving, and by releasing the past, you set yourself free.  You start witnessing and acknowledging the Universe’s support whenever you think you are lost, and finally unleash the presence of your power!

All my choices that led to my own self destruction are now nothing more than a memory, which I now choose to see and receive as a gift.  This gift is the blessing of accepting the consequences of all the choices that led to the discovery of who I truly am.  We make choices everyday of our lives and sometimes those choices have severe consequences, if they are not made in a centered and balanced mental state.

Making the choice to change your thinking is more of a process because every single thought we have and every action we take is a step towards transformation, as they say, “Rome was not built in a day and neither was the Roman Empire”.  Learning to make better choices is really a process of self-mastery over time; through trial and error.  The choice is ours whether we become a victim or a victor, knowing that, you can never make the same mistake twice….because the second time it’s not a mistake…it’s a Choice.

Today and every day I make choices that are based on the principle of the Golden Rule as given to us by Beloved Jesus Christ, “Treat others as you want them to treat you.” – Matthew 7:12.  Now, my choices are based on my own soul unfoldment and upliftment of others, my attitude is one of; if I can’t help them, I choose not to hurt them.  I believe the game of life is to find out who we REALLY ARE and become that Being.  I live by Love in Action because I AM an instrument of God and I choose to end on love, no matter what!

12 Steps to Regain your Personal Power

  • BE Honest with yourself and others.
  • BE Faithful to your Higher Self.
  • BE Yielding to Divine Spirit.
  • BE Egoless, stay humble, it sets you free.
  • BE Fearless, exercise your integrity.
  • BE Benevolent to everyone and our planet.
  • BE Humble, think less of yourself, more of others.
  • BE Willing to change old patterns.
  • BE Forgiving of yourself and others.
  • BE Present, live in the moment, aware.
  • BE Still, it creates serenity.
  • BE Serving, you become what you do.

Learn to relax into a sense of certainty and freedom that comes from knowing your true power and inner glory.  Stop longing for happiness, inner peace, security and clarity, and start having them instead.  It’s time to transform your fear into faith so you can live a miraculous, divinely guided life!

It is my honor to help guide you back to your greatness!