Overcoming Fear and Igniting Self-Confidence

  • How many times have you said yes when all you really wanted to do was say/shout no?
  • How many times have you handed your power over to someone or something only to find out that you sold your soul for nothing?
  • How many times have you told yourself, “I can’t. I’m not strong enough. I’m not worthy enough to be all that I desire to be.”?

Now is the time to claim your most courageous and confident self and give yourself the life you deserve!

Discover that the culprit robbing you of your best life is fear cloaked in many different disguises and speaking in many different voices. Make peace with your little fearful coward self. Learn to love and use every aspect of yourself, from your fear to your magnificence. Unleash the power of your most courageous self, an inner warrior of love who is just waiting to be called into service of your highest life and your greatest expression. This divine aspect will powerfully propel you to success in all areas of your life.

“By god, when you see your beauty, you’ll be the idol of yourself.” – Rumi

ze55_350x50Allow courage and confidence to alter every area of your life when you engage in this 8-week transformational process for women, guided by #1 New York Times bestselling author Debbie Ford. Join Debbie and a powerful lineup of guests for a once in a lifetime chance to be coached live by the greatest spiritual teachers of our time, as they take you on this inner journey to heal your loving hearts and return to the powerful courageous women that you are.

In eight powerful lessons, you will learn the following techniques, tools and guiding principles:

Lesson 1: Embark on the Journey to Courage

Honor and bless all the parts of yourself in this introductory lesson as you begin to recognize that you are the embodiment of courage and confidence. Learn to bring love where there has been none and acknowledge that you can possess the love you have been looking for and you are already the woman you always wanted to be.

Lesson 2: Bask in Divine Guidance

Harness the power that is moving you in the direction of your highest life and protecting you from taking paths that will ultimate undermine you. Design your map of success as you engage with the most powerful force in the universe.

Lesson 3: Surrender the Past

Restore your confidence and your courage by releasing the emotional baggage of your past which is killing off your passion, your purpose and your strength.

Lesson 4: Experience the Power of Emotional Freedom

Take back your power, reclaim your immense inner strength and set yourself free from the unseen patterns of your past by by moving from victim to victor in the areas of your life where you feel limited.

Lesson 5: Open Up to Heartful Compassion

Step into the grace and flow of the miracles that life is offering you by bringing a profound new understanding and appreciation to your past and all the experiences you’ve had.

Lesson 6: Heal Your Loving Heart

Open up to who you are and who you desire to be, filling yourself with the self-love that will inspire you to take on any challenge, any project or any future that you desire.

Lesson 7: Receive Your Divinely Inspired Vision

Embrace your creative imagination and access a future greater than what your human eyes can see today. Be sourced for the future as you step into a high-powered partnership with the Divine.

Lesson 8: Reclaim Your Supreme Beauty

Be a magnet for love, success and all the riches you deserve. In this holy lesson, you will learn to become the idol of yourself and an inspiration for yourself and those around you.

“My friend and colleague Debbie Ford has detailed a very inspiring and pragmatic blueprint for living a courageous life…Indeed she has covered all the bases…She thoroughly spells out a plan for living a personally courageous life. As you absorb her profound offerings, I can assure you that you will find yourself becoming more and more equipped to deal with all of your life’s challenges from a new and stronger position of self-confidence and, yes, courage as well.” – Wayne Dyer

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