Who “AM I, Who “I AM”

Who am I?  A question we all so often ask ourselves, well I can tell you what I know myself to be and that is; the Offspring of a Deathless Soul, a Divine Creation, a student and teacher of my life experiences, the master of my own destiny, and a Spiritual Being having a human experience, therefore I AM AN INSTRUMENT OF GOD!

Today I write about my experience and share my story as a means to help others heal because I believe that God saved my life by crushing my pride, opened my heart to love and all I have to do, the one thing this love requires, is that I let others know that they are not alone.  I now choose to be an instrument of God by writing, sharing, loving and healing others. I Choose to : Be Love in Action!

As a young girl my aspiration was to be a sports professional, with the discovery of a double curvature in my spine, and subsequent Harrington Rod insertion and full spinal fusion; the direction of my life eluded me.  I started out my early adulthood in a secretarial function, later finding a passion for sales, marketing and human resources.  Along the journey called life, I often found myself at a crossroads, having limited or zero resources to call upon, making many fatal errors in judgement that almost cost me my life.  What I have come to learn is that I was driven by my own desire, which in turn was the effect of my own ego, fuelled by an inability to make peace with my past experiences and the choices that led to my own self destruction.  When I came to the realisation that I AM not who I think I am, but rather an extension or spark of the great cosmic consciousness, my life changed dramatically….I stepped into Grace and Humility, and today my life is filled with Miracles that have Miracles.

I am experiencing a level of existence that is opening up to me in a very profound way, as my consciousness expands into the one consciousness that exists eternally, call this God, call it whatever you identify it as.  As I move more into this realm of oneness of the God Head or Source Energy, I am acutely aware that I am not my thoughts, rather my thoughts can be controlled by me and are the direct result of my manifesting capability, therefore it is important to control how and what I think about.

I understand how my behaviour works based on thoughts and emotions related to those thoughts, and I am no longer struggling to identify with my place in time.  I AM eternal energy, energy in motion, therefore what I think about, I become.

I am no longer stuck in the misery of self-loathing or self-doubt or the bittersweet dance of illusionary thinking.  I AM the creator of my own destiny, I am a star born to shine and that is what you and I all are.  We only have to realise it by getting over our incessant desires and negative belief patterns to end all suffering.  The reason we are taught to let go and let God is so vitally important in the recovery process, because it teaches us to relinquish our control to always be right or have it our way and the serenity prayer is designed for that specific purpose.

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change.

The only person I can change is myself.

The courage to change the things I can.

Be that financial, relationships, health etc, set the goal and take action, it is getting out of your comfort zone of delusional misery and thinking yourself into action, to get the results you desire, basically put, creating your own destiny, because you are a creative force of power.

And the wisdom to know the difference.

Wisdom comes from understanding that you are not a human being or the body you identify with, rather you are an eternal cosmic force of energy, a spiritual being having a human experience and the only change you can ever effect is within yourself and through your own desire and decision to do so.

When we learn to let go of our individual survival (the ego, the I, the me) then, and only then do we start to connect with this cosmic force and realize that we are pure potentiality.  We clearly see the mask or veil of illusion as nothing more than thought concepts held by the individual through the lower levels of mind, which identifies with the body.

The ego is not who I am, it is the voice in my head and I can control that voice.  With enough practice and time it slowly starts to lose its grip on draining my creative ability and my thoughts become centered around creating the life I desire, suffering ceases to exist as I no longer identify with the I or Me aspect.  Rather it becomes a tool to better understand and help others that are stuck in the illusion of identifying with their individual survival.

What I have come to know is that; the more I read and learn, the less I actually know, there is just so much information out there that I do not think any one human being could ever have all the answers to life.  Having said that, the truth will always remain the truth and the truth is that we are spiritual beings of light energy and we get to choose if we want to learn to activate our magnificence or let life pass us by, never knowing the full potential of our ability and who we truly are.

You and I have come to this world to share our gifts with each other and help raise the planetary awareness of our unity in the one and only eternal, ageless, ceaseless existence we all form part of, the cosmic consciousness.

Knowing this, it is not only my duty to stand up and help, it is the responsibility of every person waking up out of the delusion that society etc., has fed humanity for centuries.  The Dalai Lama said, “If you think you are too small to make a difference, think again, try sleeping with a mosquito in your room.” I am here to stand up and participate in doing my share to help raise the vibrational energy of our beautiful planet, by choosing to consciously evolve, how about you?

Let’s all plant compassion and kindness, grow love and create world peace for all!


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