Evolving Consciously

Our tag line, why did I choose this you may be asking, because I believe that evolving consciously is a choice we make to expand our interpretation of reality through our experiences.  Making a conscious choice to change anything in our lives happens for every individual the moment you start questioning your results, or searching for a new way to achieve the results you desire.  Having said that, I also believe this happens; when you want something more than you fear it!

Think about it, how conscious are we about who we are, what we are doing, where our motivations come from, and the consequences of the choices we make? Do we realize that our awareness, our intelligence, our dreams and desires, our creativity and efforts seasoned by wisdom, or not; create our reality?  Essentially, your reality is a tool for learning, a feedback mechanism, it is nothing more than a game for us to play with, in order to evolve.

When you make a good decision, you are rewarded with an improvement in your reality, or life, and when you make a poor decision, so you’re disciplined with a decrease in the quality of your life.  In this way, we learn from our successes, failures or mistakes.  I believe that all humans make mistakes, good humans yield when their choices are wrong, and repair their own mistakes; because mistakes repeated become habits, and the only crime we really suffer is our own pride.

Personally, I believe that collectively we are a semi-conscious branch of evolution. We are the shapers of the on-going processes of transformational change, yet we are half blind, half awake, and less than half wise…just watch the news or read the daily headlines and that statement becomes evidential.

Sound harsh, well the truth is hard to swallow, as they say!

Essentially, ALL HUMANITY is one family, rich with diversity yet sharing one root. Deep inside we know this, we resonate with one another, we are drawn into relationships, support, and celebration with each other.  Just as we all arise from stardust, we are each profoundly unique. In our current society we gloss over our uniqueness with conformity, prejudice, and politeness, trying to restrain our mind-boggling diversity.

When our differences become apparent, they often disturb our simple beliefs and so called comfortable order. Those disturbances almost always mark something new and important trying to surface in our lives. All this means is that we need to hear the call to acknowledge our differences, while remaining connected with each other, instead of separating ourselves with our ego driven minds.

“We must have perseverance and above all confidence in ourselves. We must believe that we are gifted for something and that this thing must be attained.” – Marie Curie 1867-1934, Physicist

This begs the question, what is evolution?  Evolution is forward growth, optimization of the way something works, it is improvement.  Now you may be asking, so how do we practice evolution individually and collectively?  Through one particular practice, Spirituality!

Why Spirituality, because it is the improvement of the way we live, think, feel, and act. This includes everything from how we spend our time, to how we eat, sleep, communicate, earn a living, and more.  Spirituality, and the way you evolve, pervades every aspect and area of your entire life, and beyond. It is how you EXIST. Your spirituality DEFINES YOU!

Let’s just take a look at the root word, “spirit”, in order to get a clue as to what it means academically, “Spirit” means; the “true self or Soul”. It also means “vigor and strength of character”, and that makes sense in this context.

Spirituality is the practice of evolution. It is the strongest, most important part of who you are, and how you live. It’s the guiding light for your decision-making and the basis of your personal morality. So, having said that, now you know that spirituality is the optimization of the way we evolve as consciousness.  And either you are evolving or standing still in the mire of illusion, creating the same results year after year. To change your results, you have to make a conscious choice to evolve. Einstein said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.” We are part of an evolving cultural experience moving forward through art, spirituality, science and philosophy. This perspective, itself, is the place where our new sanity begins.

Choosing to consciously evolve means that you step into what I like to call, “Choiceful Awareness”, thereby replacing “Conditioned Patterns”, enabling you to gain and maintain the highest perspective that you can reach at any given moment, through deliberate creation.  Essentially it means that we make a decision to open our hearts and minds, with a sense of curiosity, to gain knowledge and freedom from the internal confusion of thoughts and emotions, and practice putting this knowledge into action.

“Millions of us are rising in a more universal, holistic, or cosmic consciousness in a still largely self-centered world. We are being called forth in every field and discipline to fulfill our potential through joining together in creative action.” – Barbara Marx Hubbard

In my final analysis, we will either win together or lose together!

banner1Join Barbara Marx Hubbard as she explores our individual and collective potential and responsibility to create a more richer, fulfilled existence, thereby creating unity through love in action!  Love is not something that needs to be added or built, only freed and nurtured, for it is our natural state. Empower yourself, choose to become a conscious agent of evolution!

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