Creating a Healthy Relationship with Yourself!

Having a relationship with yourself is the most meaningful relationship that you will ever have. By maintaining a healthy relationship with yourself, you will also have the means to build healthy relationships with others. Many people do not realize the importance of developing a relationship with yourself. Strengthening your self-relationship can make an everlasting change in your life. Let’s face it, it can be extremely difficult to create healthy relationships with other people when we are not entirely happy with ourselves.

The more that you learn about yourself, the better you will be at getting along with others. This is because most people will treat others the way that they treat themselves. For example, if you are critical with your own behaviours, you are probably critical of how others behave. By becoming more tolerable of yourself, you become more tolerant of others and others will become more tolerant of you in the process.  Having a good relationship with yourself improves your relationships with others.   As adults, happiness, emotional safety and self-worth come from how we treat ourselves and others, rather than from how others treat us. Therefore, if we are abandoning ourselves rather than loving and valuing ourselves, we will feel unhappy and emotionally unsafe, and have low self-worth. If we then blame others for our feelings, we participate in creating further unhealthy relationships.

“I have learned, through my own life experiences, that if we are not connected and emotionally available to ourselves, we cannot be connected and emotionally available for others either!” – Belinda Snyman

Think about it: You are the ONLY person you are around all the time, and if you can’t accept and love yourself, how can others?

The main thing that causes relationship problems is emotional self-abandonment, which generally occurs in four ways: ignoring your feelings by staying in your head rather than being present in your body, judging yourself, turning to various addictions to avoid your feelings, and making others responsible for your feelings.

All relationships thrive when you are kind, accepting, compassionate and empathetic. This occurs naturally once you have learned to be kind, accepting and compassionate toward yourself, but it becomes a huge challenge when you are abandoning yourself. Again, the ability to be kind with others is directly related to learning to be kind with oneself!

“Learning emotional responsibility is vital for creating a healthy relationship with yourself and others.” – Belinda Snyman

When people take loving care of themselves and responsibility for making themselves happy, they generally want to share their happiness with loved ones. When you learn to stay connected with yourself, you likely want to share your connection with loved ones. Warmth, affection, connection, laughter and fun flow easily when you have learned how to take responsibility for your own happiness.

So what does a healthy relationship with yourself look like?

A healthy self-relationship is the ability to value yourself as a person, and embrace your strengths and weaknesses, furthermore, it simply means considering yourself, every day, and that consideration includes self-care, self-respect, and self-love.  Cultivating a positive relationship with yourself is the building block for your whole world.  It’s crucial to have a great relationship with ourselves because it’s the only relationship that you are guaranteed to have every day of your life!

Inside of each of us, there is a part that realizes the things that are best for us. Many of us are too caught up in the hustle and bustle of our daily lives and ignore our own needs.  Life goes by so fast that you may forget to take these important moments to care for yourself. It only takes a minute to stop what you are doing and realize the things in your life that may be off track.  Think about the changes you should make to yourself for your own well-being, and then commit to these changes by encouraging yourself to take better care of your own needs and wants. Doing this on a regular basis can make a huge difference in your life.  By doing your own inner work to become an emotionally responsible, kind and loving person with yourself, you will create healthy, loving relationships with others!

Join us for Loving Yourself with Louise Hay, best-selling author, founder of Hay House and pioneer in self-help movement, has helped millions create more of what they want in their lives, including mind, body and spirit wellness.

In this course you’ll learn how to:

  • Live the life that reflects the truth of who you really are
  • Achieve self-knowledge and self-acceptance
  • Recognize your heart’s desire
  • Gain confidence to listen to and follow your inner guidance
  • Cultivate your soul gifts – all of those talents you’ve come to share with the world
  • Realize that self-love makes it so much easier for others to love you
  • Have less drama and fewer conflicts
  • Heal our personal suffering and the suffering of others through self-love
  • Learn to take care of yourself on a deeper level than you’ve done before, and you will begin to see that when you truly love yourself, the world brings love and prosperity back to you.

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