Soul Coaching : The Ultimate Inner and Outer Clutter Clearing Program

  • Do you do affirmations and think positive thoughts, yet the “Law of Attraction” doesn’t seem to be working for you?
  • Are you trying to get in shape, but something seems to be blocking you?
  • Do you encounter limitations to having expansive prosperity and abundance?
  • Do you seem to have a barrier to having the sparkling, joyous relationships that you deserve?
  • Is your connection to the spiritual realms fuzzy rather than crystal clear?

When you are doing everything right but you still can’t seem to manifest your dreams, you might have limiting internal patterns that are holding you back. Soul Coaching® is a profound spiritual journey that helps to clear away that inner clutter.

896detailIn this powerful On Demand Course, renowned teacher, healer, and author Denise Linn teaches you how to overcome all your blockages and activate the secret of miracles. To achieve your dreams, you must first believe in your dreams. But how can you truly believe when you doubt it can really happen? Join Denise to clear away any inner debris, so you can discover your own inner wisdom and live a life that truly excites and inspires you.

Over the course of the program, Denise covers four distinct sections, each of which is dedicated to one of the four elements: Air (mental), Water (emotional), Fire (spiritual), and Earth (physical). By clearing and activating the elements within (through the daily exercises Denise teaches you) and clearing inner blockages, you can soar into your future with verve and delight!

Lesson Schedule:

  • Lesson 1: Soul Coaching®: The 28-Week Ultimate Inner and Outer Clutter Clearing Program
  • Lesson 2: Clutter Clearing for the Soul
  • Lesson 3: What Juices Your Energy?
  • Lesson 4: Confronting Fear and Developing Faith
  • Lesson 5: Rocking Chair Test—What Have You Been Putting Off?
  • Lesson 6: What Makes Your Spirit Sing?
  • Lesson 7: Creating a Fabulous Future!

The ultimate inner and outer clutter clearing program that will transform your life forever!

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