F**k It Therapy : The Profane Way to Profound Happiness!

1909detailJust Saying ‘F**k It’…Is Therapeutic!

John C. Parkin’s F**k It philosophy – in the form of books and courses – has spread around the world (the original book has been translated into 22 languages). F**k It Therapy works its magic in many ways: helping people to relax, let go, do what they love and create a wonderful, abundant life.


In this special online course, you can access John’s F**k It wisdom from the comfort of your own home for the first time. John will combine teaching (in his trademark humorous style), relaxing guided meditations, simple but powerful exercises to give you the means to benefit from F**k It Therapy in your life.


Learn how to worry less (by realizing that things don’t matter so much); how to follow your heart and do what you love; how to attract whatever you want into your life; and how to experience real freedom by living a F**k It Life.

Lesson 1: F**k It: Don’t Worry

Most of us worry too much—usually about things that never happen. And then we suffer the consequences in our lives and to our health. John teaches that most of what we worry about doesn’t matter so much in the grand scheme of things. But that it’s only usually when bad things happen that we have the wisdom and perspective to see this. John suggests that, instead of waiting for the bad things to happen, we can use F**k It to cleanse our lives of the worrying over the small things… and get perspective before perspective gets us. With his mixture of fun teaching, exercises and a guided meditation, just listening to this episode will relax you, but more importantly it will give you the tools to worry less (if at all) every single day of your life.

Lesson 2: F**k It: Do What You Love

Most of us spend our lives doing things we don’t love doing, being in places we don’t love being in, even staying with people we don’t love staying with. How did it come to this? In this lesson, John will show you how to tune into what you love doing, to your heart’s desire, and to do what you love. And doing so takes a good deal of F**k It – especially to what other people think of you. As well as his fun teaching and exercises, John will impart his profound knowledge of energy work (Qigong) to help you tune in and then do what feels right.

Lesson 3: F**k It: Attract Whatever You Want

Saying F**k It is an essential part of successfully attracting anything you want into your life. John’s unique teaching of manifestation is so powerful because he uses ‘F**k It’ to tackle head-on the essential paradox of successful manifestation: how to be clear about what you want whilst at the same time letting go of your attachment to what you want. John will detail the precise steps to successful F**k It manifestation, use examples from his own life (and John has attracted astonishing things into his life, including huge healing, wonderful relationships, wealth and success), and do a guided F**k It Manifestation meditation in which you can set off your own process of manifestation with anything you choose.

Lesson 4: F**k It: Be Free

Being ‘free’ is easier said than done. Even the methods we use to help ourselves become free can become the source of tension and further entrapment. How many of you have tried to find freedom by living in the ‘now’, only to constantly beat yourself up for your inability to do so? John teaches that using the mantra of F**k It can create a constant movement from tension and entrapment into freedom. But also that true freedom can even embrace the moments when we don’t feel free. As the last part of the F**k It Therapy course, John will take you into the most profound territory of F**k It: territory that could well lead you to severe and seriously liberating paradigm shifts.

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