Attracting the Love of Your Life

Attracting the Love of Your LifeIn this three-lesson Online Course, women’s health authority Dr. Christiane Northrup will present a tried-and-true formula for ending the agony of longing and yearning for someone to complete you. This is a learnable skill!

Attracting the Love of Your Life: A Course in Becoming Irresistible is as relevant to those currently in a relationship as it is to those who deeply desire one. After all, your health and the quality of life are very strongly influenced by the health of your relationships with others and with yourself!

Make the relationship you have with yourself your top priority, as all relationships begin with the way in which you treat yourself.

Almost all fairy tales end with the words “And they lived happily ever after.” This “happily ever after” is the completion we all long for—a longing that is so deep and so primal that it’s woven into just about everything we see, hear, or read. Just think about how many movies, books, and television series end with weddings, thus putting an end to the tension of opposites and reinforcing the message that true love conquers all.

Little girls, brought up on stories of princesses and mermaids, dream of the day when they too will be “chosen” and “completed” by their own version of Prince Charming. Nothing is more powerful than this yearning—the longing to be seen and loved. Once you learn how to identify and harness the energy of this longing, naming it for what it really is, you are on your way to health, wholeness, and yes—true love.

Join Dr. Christiane Northrup as she explains the steps you can take to feel whole, complete, and lacking in nothing – whether or not you’re in a relationship!

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