How to Heal A Grieving Heart

Hot to heal a grieving heart James van PraaghAll of us have already or will someday experience loss and grief in our life. When we’re grieving, we all need support and comfort, but we also need to understand that these feelings and experiences are necessary in order for our souls to grow.  This Online Course will provide you with ability to take gentle care of yourself and others in this sensitive time, and to open your heart and mind to receiving signs from your loved ones and recognize the gifts a soul leaves behind when it transitions from this side to the other.

Join celebrated Psychic Medium James Van Praagh for this heartfelt Online Course on understanding and healing from loss and grief.

Lesson 1: Healing A Grieving Heart — The Grieving Process 
Our course begins with James discussing his own personal views on loss and grief. Different types of grief and the various normal stages we go through are discussed, as well as how this loss is needed for your soul’s own growth and understanding. It is important we communicate with our grief and use it as a tool and not something we hide. It is important that you take gentle care of yourself and these gentle reminders will be part of this course. Also discussed are the spiritual perspectives of the loss such as what happens when we leave the physical world? Are their possible karmic obligations we had to meet, etc…James will then explain how our loved ones are always with us and we will actually open up phone lines so that you may make an attempt to contact your loved ones by James to prove that they are only a thought away.

Lesson 2: Signs From Our Loved Ones 
This week’s lesson focuses upon the many ways our spirit friends and family will come to us and attempt to let us know that they are with us and part of our everyday journey. Such things as dreams, butterflies, dragonflies, inspirational thoughts, electrical occurrences and coincidences are just part of the discussion. What are the best ways for you to individually connect with them? James will lead everyone in an amazing blending exercise, where you actually become completely aware of the spirit standing next to you and become one. He will also share a mind journey with you and bring you to a place you can use to always connect with your loved ones. Lastly, James will once again open the phone lines to speak with you and answer any questions you have including contacting your loved ones to see what they tell you about where the find themselves now.

Lesson 3: Healing the Unfinished Business of the Heart
During this lesson, you’ll work with James as he discusses with you the conditions and common traits of different types of grief such as losing a family member, a job, a divorce, aging and the emotional baggage which comes along with each. He will share with you various “healing guidelines” such as how to work with the guilt and any unfinished business you might still feel which needs to be completed. James will also guide you in a forgiveness meditation which you can use not only to heal your grieving heart, but apply to your everyday circumstances where you need to have illumination and love integrated into the life experience. Then, he will leaves you with two homework exercises to open you up to your soul’s perspective of loss and also assisting you to move beyond the loss you have experienced. To continue the amazing communications with the Spirit world, James will once again give you the chance to contact a loved one, by opening up phone lines and see who he is able to make contact with for you.

Lesson 4: The Gifts A Soul Leaves Behind 
James will open this lesson with a meditation to focus on opening up your heart. He will then ask you to make a list of the gifts and lessons your loved one left behind for you in this lifetime. How is your life different? Are you willing to share those gifts with another to illuminate their lives as well? Perhaps there are other people who could use your words of encouragement or perhaps you need to share your experience with another in order for to you receive the fullness of the healing? An assessment of your life at this point will be made with the assistance of James and you will decide the various options open to you, to insure that this lesson of loss is not one of defeat, but one of strength and healing. In closing, James will open the phone lines and be guided by you, to see who you want to attempt to make contact with and aid in the healing, confirming that there is no death and your loved ones are always with you.

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