Playing the Matrix : And Getting What You Really Want

Playing the Matrix Mike Dooley

Whatever you want, you can have when you learn Playing the Matrix with one of the best manifestors in the world, Mike Dooley! This Exclusive 6-Week Online Video Course Includes:

  • 6 Engaging Video Lessons with Mike Dooley
  • Facebook Group for Connecting with Deliberate Creators
  • Playing the Matrix Downloadable Workbook

After 15 years of teaching and speaking on the nature of reality and the miraculous mechanics of manifestation, Mike Dooley is sharing his system for manifesting and bringing to life all you’ve ever wanted in a new online video course, Playing the Matrix. Mike knows about using the Law of Attraction and taking inspired action in order to get what he wants…and he wants you to realize the power you have as a conscious deliberate creator!

What’s really holding you back or keeping you from getting what you really want?

  • You don’t know what you really want or you know what you want but you just don’t know how to get it
  • You are unfulfilled in your job or career, your relationships or you struggle with your health right now
  • You are at a crossroads, having to choose between two disparate paths and you see no other alternatives
  • You struggle in day to day details, unsure of which action steps to take, or you have become so overwhelmed on your path that you’ve almost given up believing you can have what you want
  • You simply don’t take any action for fear of taking the wrong action or choosing the wrong path
  • You don’t understand or are not aware of the mechanics of manifesting and how manifesting really works
  • You don’t believe you are the creator of your life

These feelings and situations are what lead you to undesirable destinations you had no idea you were following. But, that’s okay, because knowing that you feel or act this way is the first crucial step in becoming a deliberate creator and they also help you re-route your course!

Playing the Matrix and Getting What You Really Want is a simple, yet profound online course for creating major life changes and living deliberately unlike anything shared by other teachers, past or present. You’ll learn how “manifesting” really works, and understand how to apply the seven steps of Playing the Matrix which are designed to help you navigate the 3 slipperiest areas of intentional creating, like avoiding contradictions and self-sabotage, avoiding attachment to unimportant details, and steering clear of the “cursed how’s” – all three of which get in the way of you getting what you want.

Understanding the Matrix and How to Use it to Manifest What You Want

The Matrix reveals the interconnectedness of all your dreams and how they flow together. When “played properly,” the Matrix reveals how this flow ultimately brings you your greatest happiness and fastest breakthroughs. By understanding the actual physical and metaphysical mechanics of every earthly manifestation, including your role in this process, you can deliberately orchestrate the changes you most wish to see in your life.

In this transformational online video course, Playing the Matrix, you’ll:

  • Learn the secret mechanics of manifestation and reality creation from the ground up – from thought to reality
  • Learn how to leverage the Universe in getting everything your heart desires
  • Discover the nature of reality and the truth of your existence, who you really are, and why you are here
  • Master the nuances of manifestation, step-by-step, and tap into your abilities as a natural-born creator
  • Learn why you’ve hit roadblocks or have had “hit or miss” successes and how to bypass them with ease – never again get in your own way or second guess your dreams
  • Navigate your limiting beliefs without even knowing what they are to create the limitless life you desire
  • Fall in love with the details of what you most want without attaching to them
  • Refine your grandest vision for your life by developing trust in the Universe and the “end result”
  • Create your own customized action steps to call in permanent change
  • Harness the power of creative visualization and further specific strategies for bringing forth your greatest desires in reality

If what you really want is eluding you and creating doubt that you really can manifest your deepest desires, Mike Dooley’s video course has the secret you’ve been waiting for… When you understand and apply Mike Dooley’s system of manifesting, you’ll experience miraculous changes and happy coincidences beyond your wildest expectations. You were born to thrive, and programmed to get what you want!

Lesson Overview of Playing the Matrix Online Video Course:

Discover the zenith of your brilliance, and learn about the nature of your existence -who you really are, and why your existence is nothing less than a canvas filled with probabilities. After this lesson, you’ll never again get in your own way of creating miracles.

Topics covered in this lesson include:

  • Defining the Matrix and ground rules
  • 7 Steps in Playing the Matrix
  • The Miraculous Mechanics of Manifestation

Lesson 2: THE MATRIX
The Matrix is a powerful tool and doorway into life’s magic—it is the key to creating transformation in your life. Learn the secrets to the Matrix and how to navigate your most limiting beliefs—without even knowing what they are. In this lesson, Mike explains step-by-step how to master the Matrix and manifest whatever your heart desires.

Topics covered in this lesson include:

  • Breaking down the Matrix: The ethereal to the material
  • Happiness as the ultimate end result
  • Navigating objections and seeming contradictions
  • Understanding your motivation

Knowing what you really want is step one of playing the Matrix. But rest assured—if you don’t know yet, you’re in a great place. Learn how to access infinite possibilities, and discover why what you’ve always been taught about specificity is outright wrong. After this lesson, you’ll never doubt or second guess your dreams again.

Topics covered in this lesson include:

  • Getting from question marks to exclamation points
  • Is it ever okay to quit on a dream?
  • Determining your highest priorities for change

In step two of playing the Matrix, you’ll learn how to relish the details of everything you want to attract, but no longer attach to them. Mike explains the intricacies of Chaos Theory, and how our Universe is truly smoke-and-mirrors, completely created by our thoughts. Discover that you are, indeed, a true sorcerer cloaked in the illusion of matter.

Topics covered in this lesson include:

  • Understanding The Chaos Theory and how it affects you
  • Leaving room for magic
  • Dressing up the details and making them work for you

Step three of playing the Matrix is all about stirring up the magic. Learn the crucial difference between a “how” and a “cursed how,” and why taking action is vital to finding clarity—and not the other way around. Find out how to leverage the Universe and be the spark to its fire, and watch the miracles arise.

Topics covered in this lesson include:

  • Concrete steps in taking action
  • Tips for avoiding the “cursed how’s”
  • Stirring up the magic to create a spark

Learn how to use your thoughts, words, and deeds in playful ways, independent of the Matrix, to manifest and create at an accelerated rate, all by creating a heightened sense of anticipation and expectation!

Topics covered in this lesson include:

  • Using your thoughts to create the things you want
  • How to use guided visualization
  • The importance of choosing words wisely
  • How to use pretending to create change
  • The four-part letter
  • Getting playful in being a deliberate creator

Bonus Q & A Session! Mike answers the most common questions he gets in regards to getting what you want! This bonus session is sure to address anything left unanswered during Playing the Matrix Online Video Course!

No matter who you are or where you are in life right now, after you take Playing the Matrix, you’ll realize that the best is ahead of you, as a conscious deliberate creator!

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Fast Thinking, New Living: Simple Techniques That Can Transform Your Life

3-Lesson Course with Mike Dooley and David Casti.

In this mind-blowing course, you’ll learn how ancient spiritual teachings are far more dependable when blind faith is replaced with supported scientific evidence!

Through this course, you’ll come to deeply understand how:

  • Life is far more “rewarding of effort” than even the greatest optimists have ever imagined
  • Creating simple exercises can make “success” easier to achieve than ever before
  • To prevent honest mistakes and eliminate self-sabotaging thoughts
  • To use your ever-vigilant brain to amplify your creativity and enhance your strengths
  • To hone thought patterns to re-calibrate your thinking and “lift the bar” towards physically living your dreams
  • Health, prosperity and happiness can become your new normal

Absolutely no technical or scientific background is needed to gain the extraordinary benefits for this course. All of the exercises included are not only accessible to adults, but also helpful for the entire family – literally anyone can benefit from these powerful lessons in this course.

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