Why It Is Important to Give & Receive Forgiveness

Every holy book that has ever been written by man states that what you give, you will receive.  Everything in life is based on this principle – if you cannot give of yourself, how can you truly be ready and deserving of anything from this life.  Tony Robbins explains a powerful thought “Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself” – so what this really means is that you enable the action of forgiveness and the resolve is simple… It’s opening yourself up and receiving the forgiveness you deserve.  It’s like a gift on its own.

Slide1I look upon my own life at times and question if I had really given enough back; to people, to the Universe.  Does my actions ring true and warrant worthy of receiving the gifts, acceptance and life I yearn for, the interactions I hope for?  Most of the time I cannot honestly remark that I do.  Do I deserve retribution and peace then?  Yes I do! Forgiveness is a never-ending cycle that needs to be ingrained into our everyday existence and I can honestly say that I am a work in progress.

Forgiveness is not just an emotion; it is an act, and a powerful one at that.  One that takes patience and honing  to be perfected.  You need to work at it (and yourself) to ever really enjoy the fruits of your labour and the end effect.

Some people do not deserve to be forgiven but we forgive them anyway, it’s better than waiting for an apology we will never get, and ruin our own bliss in the process.  I forgive because it is the only thing I can do, it’s a merciful act and through this I attain my own peace of mind.  This is giving and receiving in the highest form and brings us closer to balance within.

Slide1Forgiveness IS love, as how can one ever truly be free if one cannot give from the self?  Marianne Williamson captures the essence of this in her quote “Until we have seen someone’s darkness, we don’t really know who they are.  Until we have forgiven someone’s darkness, we don’t truly know what love is.” – Forgiveness brings peace and love rides along on its bandwagon.

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