Quantum Life Coaching Certification

Certification Course with Sandra Anne Taylor


Quantum Life Coaching Certification with Sandra Anne Taylor


Quantum Life Coaching Certification – Level 1

The Ultimate Magnetic-Power Intensive

Lesson 1: Understanding the Laws—and Letting Go of the Lies

Contrary to what most people believe, there are many laws of attraction. Today’s session examines all of them in a way that will help bring clarity and completion to the pursuit of your goals.

Lesson 2: Mastering the Mysteries of Creation

Many internal, external, and even mystical factors can influence your life experiences. In this lesson, Sandra teaches you about all of the attraction factors and shares valuable techniques to help you master each one.

Lesson 3: The Power of Spirit Assistance and Inspiration!

What does Spirit have to do with attraction? Everything! In this important session, Sandra teaches you how to access the energy and guidance of your own eternal spirit. You’ll also learn how to receive the unlimited power and wisdom from the Spirit world—including angels, ascended masters, and loved ones in the energetic realm.

Quantum Life Coaching Certification – Level 2

Cracking Your Karma Code

Lesson 1: Tracking Your Karma Indicators

Sandra teaches you how your present patterns in love, money, and health can be traced back to past-life experiences. Learn how your karmic energy becomes encoded and how you can re-direct your destiny today.

Lesson 2: What Are Your Karmic Causes?

In this lesson, you’ll investigate the main karmic causes that most strongly impact your present destiny. When you learn the cause, you can find the solution and move your life forward in a brand new direction.

Lesson 3: Rewriting the Past—Shifting the Present!

Once you become aware of your past-life sources, you can go back and shift the negative energy there. Clear the past of emotional blocks and unhealthy conclusions, and accelerate the momentum of your present life.

Lesson 4: Karmic Freedom—Past, Present, and Future!

In this lesson, Sandra takes an in-depth look at karmic relationships, including personal, romantic, family, and cultural connections. Tap into the Akashic Records to witness a potential future life and set new intentions for happiness and success.

Quantum Life Coaching Certification – Level 3

Energy Breakthrough: Seven Simple Steps That Could Change Everything!

Lesson 1: Discovering the Seven Breakthrough Forces

This first lesson examines the major energetic forces that could still be lying dormant due to your old reactive patterns. Find out where these energies are located in your resonant system, and learn about the first three forces in detail in this session.

Lesson 2: Igniting the Seven Breakthrough Forces

In lesson two, find out what you can do to spark your energetic forces into active destiny creation. Special guest Sharon A. Klingler, medium and intuitive, will join in exploring the remaining vibrations and locations. Once you activate these forces, you set brand new patters of magnetism in your daily life and energetic projection.

Lesson 3: Aligning Your Energy with Universal Flow

In this lesson you will discover the easy-to-use, yet profoundly significant process that will quite literally change your life! These seven simple steps can be applied to any negative pattern, worry, fear, or addiction. In fact, you will find that no other process aligns your energy with Universal flow and synchronicity like this.

Lesson 4: Recoding Your Consciousness

Once learned, the Breakthrough steps can be condensed into one powerful core technique that takes just moments to do and yet has extremely powerful and beneficial effects. This will instantly change your core vibration and shift your consciousness, dramatically changing your results as well

Quantum Life Coaching Certification – Level 4

Blast-Off to a Career in Healing, Intuition and Coaching! Quantum Life Coaching — Tips and Techniques

In this seminar Sandra will give you the information you need to help you recognize your hidden abilities and strengthen the gifts you already have—and assist you in bringing them to the world!

Discover how you can realize your life purpose, express yourself with wisdom and compassion, and develop a specialty that fills an important need in your community.

Even if you’ve never thought of pursuing spiritual or coaching practices as a career, this seminar may put you on the path you’ve been looking for!

As a special treat, Sandra’s special guests will join in the discussion and share valuable information you don’t want to miss: celebrated psychic medium, Lisa Williams and best-selling author Sharon Anne Klingler.

This one-of-a-kind online seminar also includes:

  • Identifying the spiritual practice that resonates with you most, and making it your own
  • The art of active listening
  • How to use oracle card decks in your coaching sessions
  • The 3 necessary elements to a successful session, whether they be for healing, intuition, or coaching
  • How to discover your passion and your potential audience
  • How to network and create group connections
  • Plans for growth, specialty, and diversity
  • Specific guidelines and techniques for personal and professional success
  • Join Sandra for inspiring and informative ideas that will help make your practice–whatever it may be–a greater success for you and an indispensable service for your clients. Invest in your own dream and make it a reality!

Please note: this course provides immediate access upon purchase.

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