Answer Is Simple

Tired of the negative vibe that is going around everywhere right now?  I have an answer that is simple, quick, easy, and know that it will help spread good vibes.

The Answer Is Simple… Love Yourself, Live Your Spirit.


What do you mean, The Answer Is Simple?
Having observed thousands and thousands of people from virtually every walk of life, with every advantage or disadvantage, I can confidently say that the only ones who genuinely succeed, who find peace and joy in their hearts and take great pleasure in their experiences, have a different way of going about things. Rather than relying solely on their egos – their defended, insecure personalities – suffering the assaults life renders them, they turn to a higher aspect of their nature, the Spirit within, and let this direct their lives.

New York Times bestselling book The Answer Is Simple…

Love Yourself, Live Your Spirit, will allow you to make that connection to your authentic Spirit and experience your truth as it should be.


During these important times we live in, Sonia has created ten simple yet necessary steps that she outlines in this course, which is based on my NY Times bestselling book The Answer Is Simple… Love Yourself, Live Your Spirit, will allow you to make that connection to your authentic Spirit and experience your truth as it should be.

These aren’t just metaphysical theories, but are tried-and-true, grounded practices that will lead you directly back to you: the best, holiest, most delightful and delighted you free of fear and filled with light. The most exciting part is that learning to love yourself and live your Spirit is actually quite simple when you realize the truth revealed herein: that you are not the ego, but rather are Divine, Holy Spirit. Once you do, everything will come alive in light and joy.

What you will receive:

  • Each principle has two videos, one a lesson, which is then followed by a practice, so you can actually start, integrating what, is being taught immediately.
  • Halfway through the course you will have a 4 lesson interlude that will focus on the 4 chambers of the heart which will describe and help activate the four different frequencies of love we need to engage in order to fully love in the vibration of love for ourselves and others:
    • The open heart;
    • The clear heart;
    • The wise heart; and
    • The courageous heart.

Once the full heart is engaged life heals quickly and completely.

Customer Reviews
What a refreshing approach. I made notes as I went along, and am also reading every book of hers I can get my hands on and am getting far more out of this course than I have experienced elsewhere. Thank you, Sonia, for your incredible work. * Loved the man and guitar – who is this and does he have an album of these songs? Reviewed by:  Sheree from Canada. on 2/20/2016

I LOVED this course. Sonia is a joy to listen to. The information is clear, concise, easy to understand and to put into practice. It truly comes form the heart and I know I will be listening to these lessons over and over again. They are perfect. GREAT VALUE!! Reviewed by:  Christine from Los Angeles, CA. on 11/3/2015

The content in these videos are amazing! I love Sonia’s spirit that shines through these videos. The only downfall is the poor video. I’m interested in purchasing other videos, but with the cost, I’m hoping for better images. Reviewed by:  Chante Madsen from Richland, WA. on 1/15/2015

The course is very affordable. The course is very simple to comprehend. The course is organised into very easy steps to follow. The course is for everyone – the busy housewife and the spiritual seeker. The course will make a positive difference for any individual that live a less than happy life. Thank You! Andy Buss (Thailand 30/3/2014) Reviewed by:  Andy from Thailand. on 3/30/2014

Sonia simply does offer you the perfect set of tools for realising that you have the answers you need within you. Sonia gives impeccable real life instructions if your looking for direction. I loved gaining the awareness & understanding the reality of the vibrations that we ourselves enable, all by choice. Embracing your spirit is enrichment to your life. Thanks for this toolbox Sonia I’m forever greatful that you are sharing this with the world. Reviewed by:  Teresa from Australia. on 11/26/2013