5 Weeks to Forgiveness

Psychologists generally define forgiveness as a conscious, deliberate decision to release feelings of resentment or vengeance towards others, regardless of whether they actually deserve your forgiveness or not.  According to many experts, forgiveness isn’t just for the deeply magnanimous among us; it’s both a choice and a trainable skill.  Research suggests that the capacity for forgiveness is an intrinsic part of human nature.  I honestly believe that forgiveness is a gift you give yourself.


Why Forgive?
“Forgiveness is “for giving”, because to forgive yourself and others, is to set a prisoner free and really what you discover is that the prisoner was you.” – Belinda Snyman

How can you forgive?
You Can Quickly and Effortlessly Find Forgiveness! Because the need to forgive and be free lies in so many people’s hearts Sonia has assembled the most effective tools of forgiveness that helped heal her broken heart and personal pain and created this easy to follow course so that she can help you achieve inner peace and freedom from pain as well.



Most people agree that forgiveness is one of the most empowering and healing things to both give and receive, and they want to be able to experience this blessing and freedom for themselves. And yet, as we all know, there is a big difference between the desire to forgive, and the ability to actually do so…and with it fully and deeply achieve a deep healing inner state of being.

Sonia was faced with her own painful experiences over the last few years and the need to forgive in order to reclaim her own peace, she has devoted herself non-stop to learning HOW to forgive in a genuine and lasting way. It wasn’t easy, but the tools and practices she came to know did finally bring her the most profound healing and inner freedom she could ever hope for. And now she wants to share these tools with you.

What she came to learn above all, when it came to forgiveness, is that the ability to forgive is not achieved with lofty thoughts or intentions alone. It comes about by engaging several few practical and grounded tools over a matter of weeks that release your body, mind, and soul, from the trapped wounding energy that has caused you to feel so much pain and then be able to replace it with new healing energy instead.

As you apply these tools, you will build a new foundation of loving energy to draw from, one that supports your authentic self and fills you up from the inside with this powerful renewed life force and with that the old wounding energy is naturally released and forgiven along the way.

Sonia offers this course in support of your inner peace, because she knows it will work!

What you will learn:

  • Tools to free the painful trapped energy stuck in your body.
  • Tap into your true and authentic nature and finally experience the self- love and self-care that naturally protects you from future soul injury and pain.
  • Learn powerful techniques for preventing you from getting trapped or stuck in the hurtful past which causes more pain to you and others in the present.
  • Discover tools for tapping into the deep well of inner compassion within you so lasting healing can begin now.
  • Forgive everyone, everything, EVERY TIME!

Customer Reviews
This course came to me at a time when my marriage of 20 years had ended and I was in a place where I recognized this was the next step for me to completely start to move on. I wanted to be rid of the anxiety, anger, betrayal and the emotional roller coaster I couldn’t seem to get off of for very long. I fell in love with everything about Sonia, her delivery, her voice, her gentleness and most of all easy to understand and well thought out messages in the segments that are done at your own speed. I have used her techniques when a situation comes up and my anxiety may start to rise and I can easily see through them and recognize the lesson and get myself out of old habits QUICKLY. The meditations included in this course are some of the BEST guided meditations I’ve ever done, that have completely taken me to new places! This is my first time with her work and I can say that I’m hooked. If you’re thinking about doing this course, it probably came to you for a reason! Do it. Reviewed by:  Michelle Shiers from Calgary. on 8/13/2015

With much to heal, I am moving slowly with this material, but Sonia’s first lesson offers compassionate guidance. Listening to the first Forgiveness Meditation and the Forgiveness Prayer, I can feel my heart open as I am held in loving support, allowing myself to receive. It is a deeply moving and wonderful experience, and I believe I will find freedom in this practice. Reviewed by:  Elaine from Hollister, CA. on 5/29/2015

This course is an absolute Blessing. I am not trying to finish it in 5 weeks…I am taking my time, incorporating each lesson as a life-long practice. Often, I play each lesson over again, a few times for a week or more. Really “checking in” to how I am progressing. Truly, so many of these resonate with me on SUCH a deep level and make SO much sense….I did not have anything “pressing” that I was feeling I needed to forgive anyone for, it was more of a recognition that trauma’s through life had never been properly dealt with. Sonia gives you the tools to let go of what you know needs to be released and also to unearth what you may have forgotten (or not even realized) you had buried. Many Thanks to you Sonia for all that you do, your Light shines so very bright! Reviewed by:  Crystal from Edmonton, Alberta. on 2/4/2015

I am a big fan of Sonia’s and have read several of her books, the most recent being Walking Home which detailed her Camino pilgrimage. I have had a recurring and comforting memory of walking a dirt road leading I don’t know where. I am looking into doing my own mini Camino. Forgiveness is truly the only thing that will set us free and Sonia in such a down to earth manner takes us through the steps to begin doing that. For me lessons 4and 5 Noticing the wounds and Moving the energy immediately bought a lot of emotion to the surface. I would highly recommend this course as well as any of her books to anyone who is on their own spiritual journey and wants to connect to their higher Self. Reviewed by:  Annette from Pennsylvania. on 11/14/2014

I am in week one…I love the connection to my heart, vs. my head. I love the shift in mindset from spirit coming in from outside in the meditation to filling up from within my heart! As always, Sonia just speaks to me, so I am loving this program. I have believed that if I forgive I will be hurt again, so I look forward to learning to see it differently and releasing the pattern of withholding forgiveness! Reviewed by:  Mary Calvillo from Kansas City, MO. on 11/13/2014