Biology of Beliefs

Unleash the power of your mind to take control of you life and your health!  Thought creates – no matter what situation you find yourself in, it is the power of your thought that got you there.  It is also the impeccable belief that thought creates, that will transform your experience and the planetary existence!

“Your perspective is always limited by how much you know. Expand your knowledge and you will transform your mind.” – Dr Bruce Lipton

Did you know your family heredity isn’t the end all be all? And your genes are not “fixed”? It’s true!

The outcome of your health is in your hands.  It just requires changing your perceptions of the world you live in. Imagine!  You can actually prevent the onset of breast cancer, high cholesterol or any other disease.

Everything you thought you knew about how your genes work has been completely revolutionized. We’ve always learned that we are victims of our genes and whatever disease or cancer runs in our family is bound to affect us too – but this simply isn’t true. The time has come for you to take back your power.  New science shows that our genes do not control our lives—we do.

Yes, we may carry certain genes that are associated with a disease, but that doesn’t mean those genes have to express the disease. You can control which genes are expressed by taking control of your environment and your thoughts. Epigenetics and the power of psychology and the subconscious mind show how your life and health are undeniably determined by your perceptions and beliefs.

biology-of-belief_v1In this course, renowned cell-biologist and best-selling author Bruce Lipton, Ph.D., takes you on a scientific journey in which he unravels the truth of our biology.  He translates the sciences of epigenetics, quantum physics, chemistry and biology in an accessible and enjoyable way. Through simple language, illustrations, humor and everyday examples you’ll better understand just how your body really works so you can improve your long-term health and thrive through the changes in the world.

How can The Biology of Belief Online Course transform your life?

During this course you’ll learn:

  • Why we’re on the cusp of a new civilization for the third time in recorded history.
  • How We Got Here: Understanding the World around Us.
  • That genes are absolutely not the cause of disease, including cancer—and what the true cause is.
  • Everything Is Energy: Stepping Into the Quantum Field.
  • How the universe is a field of energy that completely controls the environment around and within you.
  • How your thoughts can heal you via your body’s chemistry.
  • Escaping the Matrix: Mastering Your Subconscious Mind.
  • New strategies to reprogram your body and change your life.

“In a universe made out of energy, everything is entangled; everything is one.” – Dr Bruce Lipton

This isn’t only a notion! This online course provides concrete, scientific facts supported by 30 years of research. This exciting shift in science puts you in the driver’s seat of your own life. You literally become what you think – and you control your mind! Unleash your power of consciousness and create a healthy, happy life.

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