Shifting from Mind Energy to Spiritual Energy

You Matter.  Until you multiply yourself times the speed of light squared, then…You Energy! – Author Unknown

Observe how your mind creates resistance, how it labels a situation, yourself, or others.  Look at your thought process involved.  Feel the energy of the emotion.  By witnessing the resistance, you will see that it serves no purpose.  By forcing all your attention on the now, the unconscious resistance is made conscious, and that is the end of it.

You cannot be conscious and unhappy or conscious and in negativity.  Negativity, unhappiness, or suffering in whatever form means that there is resistance, and resistance is always unconscious.

Would you choice unhappiness?  If you did not choose it, how did it arise?  What is its purpose?  Who is keeping it alive?  You say that you are conscious of your unhappy feelings, but the truth is that you are identified with them and keep the process alive through compulsive over thinking.  All that is unconscious!

If you were conscious, that is to say totally present in the Now, all negativity would dissolve almost instantly.  It could not survive in your presence; it can only survive in your absence.  You keep your unhappiness alive by giving it your time; that is its lifeblood!  If you remove time through intense present-moment awareness, it dies.

The question is do you want it to die?  Have you truly had enough?  Who would you be without it?

Until you practice surrender, the spiritual dimension is something you read about, talk about, get excited about, write books about, think about, believe in – or don’t, as the case may be.  It makes no difference.  Not until you surrender does it become a living reality in your life!

When you do learn to surrender in the moment, the energy that you emanate and which then runs your life is of a much higher vibrational frequency than the mind energy that still runs your world – the energy that created the existing social, political, and economic structures of our civilization, and which also continuously perpetuates itself through our educational systems and the media.  Without a profound change in human consciousness, the world’s suffering is a bottomless pit, because all “evils” are the effect of unconsciousness.  True change happens within, not without, so make sure that you carry no resistance within, no hatred, no negativity, Jesus said, “Love Your Enemies”, which of course means – Have No Enemies!

Through surrender, spiritual energy comes into this world.  It creates no suffering for you, for other humans, or any other life form on the planet.  Unlike mind energy, it does not pollute the earth, and it is not subject to the law of polarities, which dictates that nothing can exist without its opposite, that there can be no good without bad.

Surrender is the simple but profound wisdom of yielding to rather than opposing the flow of life.  The only place where you can experience the flow of life is in the now, so to surrender is to accept the present moment unconditionally and without reservation.  It is to relinquish inner resistance to what is.  Inner resistance is to say “no” to what is, through mental judgment and emotional negativity.  It becomes particularly pronounced when things “go wrong”, which means that there is a gap between the demands or rigid expectations of your mind and what is.

If you have lived long enough, you will know that things “go wrong” quite often.  It is precisely at those times that surrender needs to be practiced, if you want to eliminate pain and sorrow from your life.  Acceptance of what is immediately frees you from mind identification and thus reconnects you with “being”.  Resistance is the mind and what you resist, persists, remember that!

Those that run on mind energy, which is still the vast majority of the Earth’s population, remain unaware of the existence of spiritual energy.  It belongs to a different order of reality and will create a different world when a sufficient number of humans enter the surrendered state and so become totally free of negativity.  If the Earth is to survive, this will be the energy of those who inhabit it.

It is silent but intense presence that dissolves the unconscious patterns of the mind.  They may still remain active for a while, but they won’t run your life anymore.  The external conditions that were being resisted also tend to shift or dissolve quickly through surrender.  It is a powerful transformer of situations and people.  If conditions do not shift immediately, your acceptance of the now enables you to rise above them.  Either way, YOU ARE FREE!  – Passages from, “The Power of Now” – Eckhart Tolle

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