Be Faithful to Your Higher Self

The dictionary’s definition of faith is; belief in something for which there is no proof, complete trust and a commitment to someone or something.  Martin Luther, a German theologian, defined faith as “God’s work in us that changes us and gives new birth from God.”  Faith for me means that I trust the universe will provide whatever it is that my soul requires to polish itself further, and I learn and grow through each of these experiences to be a better version of myself.

A person’s will is embodied in the actions of the whole person.  I cannot GIVE UP my will – I must exercise it, putting it into action, I must WILL to obey, and I must WILL to receive; the gifts and lessons this life brings upon my doorstep.  Often we fade away in the throes of life, we get lost and find ourselves on dark paths that lead us into even darker circumstances – it’s then when faith becomes thin and we tend to lose it when we start asking “why me?”

How can I be faithful to my higher calling, myself, and to my source, the Universe, God if everything in my life keeps going wrong?  This is where we always have it wrong – We ENABLE the happening in our lives, we give power to every experience that we go through, and sometimes, more than most it is our lower egos and our very human selfish natures that get us into those circumstances.  We allow our addictions to overpower our clear thinking and choose to continue in situations that we are certain of an outcome.  I’ve been through this before and I have got through this, so I choose to remain in similar situations as I think I know how to handle them.  In essence we just keep replaying our lessons and choosing the same outcomes because it is familiar to us.

I want to be faithful to myself… But life has done me wrong, so I drag myself back to the pits because I have been and overcame it in some way.  But do we ever really?  If we remain stagnant and keep replaying our situations and encounters the same way, how can we ever grow and renew – and give ourselves the platform of newer, healthier life experiences?  How then am I faithful to myself and my higher being?

“You are here for a reason – find out how you can reconnect with the infinite intelligence within and discover your true life’s purpose!” – Dr Wayne Dyer

Being faithful takes more than just making a decision, it takes you going out of your comfort zone and enforcing NEW beginnings, it takes you being brave and able to open up to who you really are, spiritually and mentally.  What are your callings, your gifts, what makes you different and unique from other people – Just these things DESERVE our faith.  These things are what set us apart from every other human being on this planet.  Being faithful makes you trustworthy, and defines you as original in a culture of copycats; it’s a vanishing breed in today’s generation.  Become faithful, a person that follows through, one that can be counted upon to do what must be done.

Being faithful to a higher source; whether it be God or whatever name you give your higher beliefs to – Is giving into who you are first and foremost.  You are infinite, you are the stuff that stars are made of, you are energy and your particles make up the whole world.  We are gods in our own way, we are just experiencing a life in human form on earth, and this is just for a while.  Your capacity is endless in every form of existence, and by you acknowledging this, that you are SO much more than you could ever think or believe; just this action of thought opens up everything.  Acknowledging yourself for what and who you truly are already demands a respect of the utmost gesture.

Once you accept this, your calling, the higher being of things and why you are really here, from there your strengths can grow and you can start seeing WHY you need to be faithful to who you are and the greater scope of things.  This is but one life, with so many lessons. And we learn as we go, we learn to grow and if we allow this, we also allow our strengths to flourish.  We can teach ourselves to value our own worth and by doing so, start being faithful to ourselves.  Being faithful to our core being is intimately important to what we do in this life and how and who we will be in our next.

Become responsible, BE Faithful to your Higher Self!

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