Unlock The Messages of Your Dreams

What are dreams..?  We all have them, all the time but we cannot give a proper answer to them as they don’t run like our wakeful states do – We can do things in dreams that for the most part seems like fantasy in real life.  Let’s look at dreaming from a scientific point.  Dreams are vivid, sensory-motor hallucinations with a narrative structure.  We experience them consciously – seeing, hearing and touching within environments that appear completely real (although curiously, as scientifically noted, we cannot smell in our dreams).  Nor are we mere passive observers, we speak, fight, love and run.

Slide1Dream consciousness is not the same as wakeful consciousness.  We are for the most part unable to introspect – to wonder and question our abilities on how to fly or meet someone in our lives that has already passed, and we very rarely control our dreams; rather, things happen and we just go along for the ride.

Everyone dreams, including dogs, cats and other animals.  Us humans can never really report just how much we dream as a lot of the data fades by the time we wake as it is not recaptured and coded into memory immediately.  Dreams are ephemeral, memory for dreams are very limited and largely restricted to the period before awakening.  The only way to really remember a dream is to immediately recall it and write it down or to describe it to another person.  Only then is the content “saved” to memory.

Although we often have trouble remembering dreams, our dreaming selves have full access to our pasts, in dreams we recall earlier episodes from our lives and we often experience intense feelings of sadness, fear, anxiety or joy.  As Sigmund Freud once speculated that dreams serve as wish fulfillment.  How and why we dream still has scientists baffled on most levels, it remains a fundamental mystery – The brain manufactures dreams to review, to urge, to warn and to show desire for an outcome of some sort.

I believe that our dreams are a part of us and invokes the most extremes in emotions – what do you fear, what do you desire and what have you lost and gained in your life; somewhere along the line your dreams will effect these questions pondered and bring them to the forefront in a surreal manifestation, but the question is, HOW do we understand and resolve this mystery?

If you are questioning something, or your dreams keep taking you back to moments where you experienced joy and happiness – Don’t you think that there might be an imbalance somewhere in your life.  Your dreams push you to question your waking life and in a way force you to address the physical, emotional and spiritual imbalances as your mind yearns to go back to those happy states.

Not all dreams are warnings though, some celebrate a part of your life already lived and pays tribute to them, honors them so to speak.

Dreams sometimes carry very important messages – Learn to listen…. And if a dream really has an impact on you – write it down and look at it with fresh eyes, your soul’s eyes, there are answers lurking in the fantasy, learn to see and understand them.  As they say, make your dreams into your living day, dream it up and become it.



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