Forgiveness Creates Inner Freedom and Harmony

We cage ourselves in cages of our pasts, we forget that this life is what WE make of it, that we are the architects of our own destinies and the decisions we make today affect the outcomes of tomorrow.  Why not make it a beautiful journey? One where your inner freedom reigns king and you have a harmonious existence.  It is possible. “When it comes to forgiveness we tend to rush to the finish line to get there. However forgiveness is not a destination.  It is more like a beautiful journey of inner discovery.” – Dr Shawne Duperon, this quote reminds us, that we really can attain ultimate happiness by balancing out our lives.  Less is more and basics are actually all we need to survive.  We just CHOOSE to complicate things by injecting wrath and hate and nonacceptance of life.


Wouldn’t you want to be free – soul and body – free? The first step starts with acceptance of self, you are exactly where you are supposed to be based on your past decisions.  How you reacted to situations and people defines who you are as a person and is the outcome of your NOW.  Think back, some reactions were not really justified, were they?  There are some old wounds you inflicted more than the culprit held responsible in your mind.  Inner demons fed more by you…and this is why you are where you are now.


Learn to take responsibility for your actions and you will start learning to heed on the drama.  So you, are actually the only one complicating your life.  Understand this.  Own up to this, and your life will become easier, you will start enabling better outcomes if you pause and think before every action you take. Remember, YOU create your outcomes.  YOU create the future. The following quote by Belinda Snyman says it best, “Forgiveness heals the past, is an act of love that sets you free, and the reward is peace”, creating inner freedom, harmony and peace.

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