Forgiveness is Empowering and Healing

“Forgiveness is no longer an option but a necessity for healing”, Caroline Myss does not miss a beat with this statement, as forgiveness not only brings healing of old scars but also empowers us to move on and learn the lesson that life has given us.

Slide1Wouldn’t you want to live your life without the shackles of your past?  Live your NOW only for the promise of new, better tomorrows.  Forgiving gives you this.  It makes life easier to live, as you are no longer rehashing and reliving the fights of demons from a past that already happened, so all your time and efforts can go towards building a happier future.  We yearn for better lives, yet we struggle so with empowering ourselves to enable these futures.

This all starts with YOU and only you.  It takes quite a lot from a person to cut loose every wrongdoing and wrongdoer that has ever crossed our paths, Indira Gandhi captures this thought well with, “Forgiveness is a virtue of the brave” – only if you are brave enough to accept your role played in that happening that maimed you at any given time in your life.  Acknowledge your position, accept that you were a part of the outcome and then empower yourself to forgive – and receive the healing that you deserve.

Slide1We are all mortal, we all make mistakes and we all deserve this miracle that is forgiveness.  This quote says it well:  “I don’t forgive people because I’m weak.  I forgive people because I’m strong enough to understand that people make mistakes.”  They are just as human as what you are and they, regardless of any act or crime committed against you deserve and crave forgiveness just as much as you do, or this world will become more dark and bitter, as people become more so.

Think about this for a minute – You create the future based on your actions and how you react  to any situation or person interacted with at any given time in your life.  Forgiveness changes this; it heals an already ailing world. What you do today affects every day from your future and the futures of every single being you have interacted with.

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